Creepy (EP)

by Miss Vincent

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released September 2, 2013

Produced and engineered by Daly George.
Mastered by Chris Coulter.

Artwork by Sydney Emery.




Miss Vincent UK

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Track Name: Deadlock
This is not my way of thinking, I just seem to have been dragged down into it. A temporary cure is drinking. That's how it was before, in days of yore, before it all turned to shit.

So wait, it's my place to say and lead the way, to see if I stray.

But it dies today, much to your outrage.
So saunter up, take my deadlock away.
Appease my prophecy, that all along my efforts will all be in vain.

My sense of self was surely endless.
My sense of hope has taken a real knock from this.

So what might change the mood? A set of circumstances could.
Would you let me fail you? I won't let me fail you.
Standing up by you, I will speak nothing but the truth.
Would you let me fail you? I won't let me fail you.
Track Name: I Don't Want This
You wanna see some fun? Head for the overload button but I won't hold back. I never asked to be put here, but I certainly don't want that.

Hold the line, eyes on the prize.

So let me lay down the line of what can be achieved.
Pensive, shy and divine are the qualities I see in her.

Bring on the backlash now, I am waiting with my teeth bared like an angry wolf.
(Get ready to let go)
You better have prepared yourself for the undertow or I'll go Ezekiel on you.

Shake your hands but count your fingers, vexation vilified so time for your last valediction.
Track Name: Planning To Fail
If it's seconds we have left I won't let the captor fall, in case you use this against me.
Regardless of what's here, we can disregard it all so that we can handle this gently.
Address the duplicates, they're failing to plan and therefore planning to fail.

What little virtues you possess will soon be cast out with the rest, so assess your approach.

In the seconds that your eyes will widen, look for a nemesis, you're bound to find one.
An epidemic of a lack of esteem is just a living example things are not what they seem to be.

With a count of 3, 2, 1 the starters gun is fired toward anybody that's behind me,
And different is a word, on par with those reserved for the ones that now constitute a library

A confidential little group of sycophants, all just like you.
Track Name: Carry On
Take a look at the stars so bright, they're reflecting in your eyes tonight, but at risk of seeming cliché I will cover all my tracks and start again.
As I start to shake, I wonder if the undead are lying in wait. I'm paralysed by nerves, but I'll donate myself to fate.

And in the cold air I can see my breath.
They're breathing down my neck.
Just say the word.

Oh little girl, don't go, there's still space under my thumb.
It's just a game you know, and I'll be gone when tomorrow comes.
You need something to show for everything you've done.
Now sit and think alone, is everything so wrong?
So let's carry on.

So disconnect your telephone, and double lock your doors, an imminent attack is due so on sight of light go hide under the floor.
And you'll see one day, a bit of litigation goes a pretty long way. So sacrifice your thoughts or there will be a price to pay
Track Name: Testing Times
It's not the time hesitate when there's needles on the floor.
It's not too late to reassign my fate, but don't wake the minotaur.
There's an amalgam of black ice, and fire in my core.
My sacrifice wouldn't taste so nice to you if my blood covered your chainsaw.

I don't wanna do this anymore, and the easy way out's right outside my door, waiting to move.
And if the sky's about to fall, then I must have missed the calm before the storm, because I can't see the shore.

There's still time to reassess with my friends pro and con.
I see your attempt to understand exactly where I'm coming from.

Get down.
We're lost and we don't wanna be found.