Reasons Not To Sleep

by Miss Vincent

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released November 5, 2015

Produced by Neil D. Kennedy
Engineered by Daly George
The Ranch Production House, Southampton, UK

Artwork by J-Monster Art




Miss Vincent UK

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Track Name: DNR
Falling behind when I consider the cost
Please forgive me
The strength in my parietal is lost
This is easy
My anterior cingulate is all but gone
Falling faster
So where are you now? Will you come and save me from this disaster?

Strike me off the chart, shut me down and put me on a DNR

You told me you once chose to die instead of do
Don’t go back now
The deck’s on the table, 'cause now it’s me and you

Obvious to anyone dejected
All of us, and it’s hopeless on your own
Arduous, like a cranium infected
Ill convinced this crepuscule is home

Lend me a hand, you’re contemplating something
All you can stand, you’ve taken
And the rest of it we never get to know
Track Name: Gradients of Grey
A little attention gave you such a stark fright
So come out the darkness and into the spotlight
The homage we pay to those that have helped us
Is part of the crime but in time, you realise

This isn’t who we are
Now sing it with me
This isn’t who we are
Wallowing in gradients of grey forever

It’s time to give up but you’ve no towel to throw in
Perhaps it’s a sign, just take what you’re given
I stand at the foot of the mountain determined
It’s part of the climb but in time, you realise.

And I’ll watch the fire till it dies, so fleeting a feeling
Such is my own will to revive my sense of achieving
Track Name: Disparate, Desperate
My pondering's proving prophetic
Maybe it's been too long
Your demeanour's a little pathetic
You're chasing a conclusion that's long foregone

But don't take me to the hospital
There's nothing there to help me
All their drugs are temporary

I'm horror struck with fear
I'll be withdrawn for days
I'm as incisive and derisive as they come
Declining every year
With my self loathing ways
But they're as hollow and alone as I am numb

Don't listen to the cries from the distance
They envy the way you grind
I promise, I bet, there's a life for you yet
But it won't all be easy to find

So, where to begin?
You missed so much
Where have you been?

I'm just a disparate problem
I'm not right, to be clear
I'm still as desperate as ever
Track Name: Shogun Queen
As the water fills my lungs I will carry out my turn
As the verses roll off my tongue I will feel my insides burn
As my timing slowly improves I will draw my prey in tight
As the blood drips off my lip I will be there for the night

It’s what you want to be
You are the shogun queen of the world
My memory may be displaced, but I remember every face
So take what’s left of me, yeah

When the curse has left your lips then you know you can’t go back
From that moment the best form of defence is attack
Retracing trodden ground is a surefire way to fail
So spread the apathy around cos the atmosphere is stale

Still waters run deep, check your depth before you dive
A deep breath and a leap of faith, you won’t survive
I wouldn’t put it past her to turn up at your door
It seems it matters more than you said it did before
Track Name: How Much Further?
Whatever it is you think’s disappeared from how I live, you’re mistaken
And this just presents a turn of events that no one but you could have forsaken

And like before, you can’t restore your faith and now you’re waiting out for something
There’s not much left, so choose your best and watch the rest unfold

So where in the world would you hide the answer to all of our woes and the hell we’re in?
So far yet so close, how much further is there left to go?

Whatever you think, you’re not on the brink, you’re so far from it’s not worth discussing
You light up your eyes, with death in disguise, you’re so far gone that it’s disgusting

The more you look the less you find
We had enough but left behind the ones that slipped our minds
Track Name: You Can't Spell Blame Without ME
Just one look can be the saviour from the things getting me down
Belligerent behaviour is epidemic in this town
As I recollect all the effects that pool the light on you
Life support that pulls me through

To myself, I scream for for help

We're out of luck and it's this mess we're stuck in
Don't blame it on yourself
Don't blame it on yourself
Despite your instruction, I'm too tired to function
Don't blame it on yourself
But I blame it on myself

My blood is stale, my eyelids are heavy but I'm forcing them to move
Life is a tale that's told by an idiot, there's nothing we can do
Tell me, if we breathe the same way, what's that sticking in my throat?
And how much air will make me float?

Both hands are clenched like vices
And sleep is like a dream
It's just another crisis
For a structure with an inlet valve that's filling up with steam
And I hate the way the sun comes up when rest's just about to start
And I hate every mile and every minute we're apart

I know, I think that I know